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Hex Head Self Drilling Screws

EPDM Washer / Bonded Washer

Hex head self-drilling screws with EPDM and bonded washers are specially designed to drill their own pilot holes and fasten materials together in one easy step. The hex head provides a secure grip for easy installation, while the EPDM and bonded washers create a tight seal to prevent water and other elements from penetrating the surface. These screws are commonly used in roofing, construction, and other outdoor applications.

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A2K Flat Head Self-Drilling Screws - Effortless Precision for Secure Fastening. Explore our quality self-drilling screws, crafted for efficiency and reliability in every application.

Flat / CSK Head Self Drilling Screws

Zinc Polish

Flat head self-drilling screws are designed for use in materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. They feature a specially designed tip that allows them to drill their own pilot hole while fastening materials together. The flat head provides a flush finish and is ideal for applications where a low profile is desired. These screws are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and other industries.

Truss Head Self Drilling Screws

Zinc Polish

Truss head self-drilling screws are ideal for use in applications where a wide bearing surface and high clamping force are required. The large head diameter distributes the load over a larger area, providing greater stability and preventing pull-through. The self-drilling feature allows for quick and easy installation, eliminating the need for pre-drilling. These screws are commonly used in metalworking, construction, and other industries.

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